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1KZN TV Press Release

New presenters for Ugubhu Lwami

Ugubhu Lwami, 1KZN TV’s flagship daily Zulu Traditional show has two new presenters. After a long and hard auditioning process Sipho Ngema and Nompumelelo Ndlovu aka Helicopter was chosen as the pair that would be carrying on the legacy of Ugubhu Lwami.
Both Sipho and Helicopter comes from a Community Radio background. They are enthusiastic, full of good, new ideas for the show and are very proud to be part of 1KZN TV.
34 year old Sipho is a Zulu culture expert who has been presenting a Zulu traditional music show for Zululand FM for the last 8 years. He is well known in traditional music circles. He has the utmost respect for the genre and the traditions around it. For him it would be important to not only show respect to the age old traditions but also to present Zulu music and dance in a way that will make young people understand and appreciate it.
25 Year old Helicopter is a go getter who originally comes from the Hammersdale area. Humble beginnings has never put her off reaching for the stars. She has travelled extensively in the country – doing advertising voice overs in Cape Town, hosting a programme on a community channel in Johannesburg and was for the last five years a presenter on Itheku 89.0 FM where she presented a cultural and a gospel show.
Bursting with pride and new ideas they cannot wait to start recording their first shows. Sipho and Helicopter will both be Presenters and Producers of Ughubu Lwami. Each will concentrate on their specific interest and expertise. Their training at 1KZN TV started this morning with learning to do TV scripts, presentation techniques and preparing for their first shows.
On Monday 12 March 1KZN TV viewers will have the pleasure of seeing their first show. As usual, Ugubhu Lwami’s line up will cater for Maskandi music enthusiasts on Mondays, introduce new, up and coming artists on Tuesdays, showcase Iscathamiya on Wednesdays, visit all kinds of Traditional events on a Thursday and concentrate on Afro Pop on Fridays.
Viewers will also be surprised by a new Ugubhu Lwami studio set. This will continue to reflect the rich culture of the Zulu.
1KZN TV welcomes our new Ugubhu Lwami presenters with open arms and hope that they will bring our viewers hundreds of hours of viewing pleasure.


Written by: Elize Viljoen

Executive Producer