Edwin Mncwango gives you the best reasons why you should launch your brand on the 1KznTV platform. We have the largest reach as a community television channel in the entire Southern African region and we are proud to be 100% Zulu. We are the  perfect partner to get your message or brand into the community.

Marketing & Sales

List of Broadcast Placement Options :-

Opening billboards | Closing billboards | Set branding | Stings | Program Sponsorship | Adverts | Squeeze backs | Incidental exposure | Brand or Event Promo’s | Ad bumper into and out of breaks | Element sponsors | Crawlers | Credit roll | Product placement: A) Active engagement with product B) Product incorporated into program story line

Anele Blose | Sales Manager | Mobile : 079 454 2838 Office : 035 789 9567 | Email anele@1kzntv.co.za