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1KZN TV does not commission shows. All content are made at the channel. We do however at times accept programmes proposals that are funded or are given to the channel to broadcast free of charge.

Programme idea:

If you do have an idea for a programme and you would like to send it to us, please send the following information in writing to Nomfundo Vete, our Content Manager. Her email is:

•  Your name, email address and cell phone number

•  A short description of the show (no longer than one page).

•  TV series are planned in 13 episodes. Please include a list of ideas for the first 13 episodes.

•  Information about the production team that will be making the show. Attach CV’s and a pilot of the show or your show real.

•  Indicate if this is a sponsored show and who the sponsors might be.

If we are interested in your show and there is a posibility that you can get a sponsor to pay for the airtime and production we will give you a letter of intent to present to a possible sponsor.

The final negotiations between your sponsor for airtime would be done through the 1KZN TV Sales and Marketing office.

Movies, Documentaries & Shorts:

If you are offering content free of charge and 1KZN TV make the decision to use it, you will be given a Memorandum of Agreement. That gives 1KZN TV permission to play your content but guarantees that you will always stay the owner of the content.

Please contact Nomfundo Vete is you have such content:

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